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Computer Vision Engineer

Help create the next generation of our computer vision system


BackEND Engineer

Help augment existing backend systems which integrate our computer vision algorithms with our advanced production deployment system


We aim to change the way people interact with the world. 


We are a B2B software company that is a leader in Image Recognition technology. Major global brands use our solutions to help them promote their products better.

Our specialty is in using software to recognize media images in varied lighting and environmental situations. By media images, we mean ads or frames of video or movie posters, or really, any image you can think of. Geenee enables the recognition of these images easily and naturally in the real world. End users can get closer to content and brands in new, meaningful, and intuitive ways.

We are not AI. We are not Machine Learning. Those techniques are good at solving certain kinds of problems, but not ours. We use home-grown algorithms to work our magic. We have patents on our tech. We also partner with Augmented Reality companies to offer a service that is very much in demand. Which is why we're hiring.

Now that our product is built, we are fully into the commercialization phase. Our clients, partners, and end users all challenge us to make our product even better. Please consider joining us for the future of interaction.



Our technology is completely unique and that uniqueness is driven by the desire to solve difficult but fascinating problems in the user interaction space. As others catch up, we innovate and move forward. With Geenee, you have an opportunity to work with Image Recognition software that is far ahead of the competition.

We have a service-oriented leadership style; we serve each other as employees. Humility, honesty, and remembering the human are central themes in how our company operates. At Geenee you are not just a number or a faceless subservient entity. You are an innovator.

We do not have time for arrogance in what we do or how we manage. Building a company and building technology require working together well with co-workers. Humility and achievement are valued at Geenee.








We want curious people; we absolutely value it. We want curiosity in the business as this drives innovation. 


We focus on Human Communication

It's real, it's honest, and it's refreshingly different to what one might expect in Berlin.

100% Flat Hierarchy

The success of the company is down to the personal responsibility of our employees and in turn you are given full trust to come in and do the job you are good at. You develop new ideas and help build the product as a collective effort.

Experimentation & Prototyping

These aren't things you do in your own time. It is your job to try new things with technology, and to mold and shape it in order to solve problems.

Freedom to Create

You will have freedom to create solutions and implement ideas. Everyone has to come together to create and take a lead when they feel strongly about a way forward. Everyone creates. This isnʼt a company that will allow you to sit back and simply code a predefined solution. You innovate.

Fully Organic Leadership

Not a dictatorship and you'll have a real opportunity to push yourself into more challenging, more rewarding, and more senior positions.


If you are interested in working for GEENEE or if you have any questions we'd love to hear from you.

BERLIN: +49 (0) 30 547 160 90

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